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Varikause is a town in northern Zar. It was the nearest town to the city of Fjornik prior to that city's destruction.


The town of Varikause is home to a wide variety of people, originally being mostly a mining and farming community. It was the final stop on the trade route to the capital, Fjornik, and also serviced the mines in the nearby area until they were shut down. It consists mostly of one- and two-storey houses, shops, inns and similar. Because of its close proximity to the city, it was never deemed necessary to build temples to the gods of Zar. Varikause has a large square which is the scene of a regular market.

After the calamity, the town was flooded with refugees. Temples set up in a small shanty town, rubbing shoulders with commoners and rich alike. The town was welcoming, without much choice in the matter.

Interactions with the party[]

The main party dealt with the kruthik hive that had infested the mines near Varikause; after the calamity at Fjornik they spent some time there. Kali was reunited with her aunt; Tyli Iasty brought them back from the undead in an inn's upstairs room; Lady Caern visited and invited Kali to her estate; the party dealt with an owlbear at the gates and met with High Mother Farr before finally leaving.