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Tyli Iasty was a competitor in the Fourth Grand Tournament at Fjornik.

Physical Description[]

Tyli Iasty is a priestess of the Raven Queen, the Shepherd of the Dead. She wore an entirely black ensemble featuring loose trousers, shirt with silken raven on matt materials and, covering it all, a black cloak with a silver chain cinching it at the neck. She wields a shiny metal mace.

Grand Tournament[]

Tyli Iasty took part in the first round of the Tournament. She was eliminated in the first round by Toofi.


Tyli Iasty moved to the town of Varikause with the main bulk of refugees from Fjornik. She met the party in High Priest Vix's inn room as he recommended her services for returning their souls to their bodies. She did this, and the party was able to leave Varikause.