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Matilda 'Toofi' Vadu is a tiefling rogue, with a round trusting face, an insatiable curiosity and kleptomaniac tendencies. Also a desire to travel to distant lands and away from that fireworks factory she accidentally exploded.


Toofi has red skin, curling horns and big dirty blonde/ginger dreadlocks with lots of "souveniers" tied in to them. She's below average height and wears a brown leather outfit which invoves a fair bit of cleavage.


At 18 Toofi suddenly felt the urge to leave home to go adventuring and find other tieflings in the world, and so hopped on the first boat out of there. Her mum waved goodbye, pleased that she was finding her own way as she had done as a young woman in a strange country. Part of her desire to leave was the unfortunate incident which occured when she was poking her nose into a warehouse which, unknown

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 17.26.13.png

to her, was full of fireworks which hid a shipment of drugs. When she was discovered, without thinking she used her signature self-defence "toofigasm" and the whole place turned into a very pretty fireball. Which has pissed someone off to the extant that their mercenaries are still following her.

Toofi is good at sneaking around, smiling, using the skills her mum taught her and exploding. She's not too bright.