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The Science and Industry College, more commonly shortened to SIC, is an organisation on the continent of Ehrian. It is concerned with crystal research, clockwork, modernisation, airships, research into arcane artefacts and similar fields. It is headquartered in Fjornik, Zar.

Notable Members[]

The SIC has many thousands of members spread over all the countries of Ehrian. The majority of the members are either dwarven or tiefling, but all races are represented in some way. Notable among them are the following:

Fenrik Ironblade: Initially junior researcher under tutelage by Berik Steamwheedle, Fenrik showed great promise and was quickly moved to support the town of Ortmund during the Siege of the Undead.

Berik Steamwheedle: researcher and pilot of the Cloud Goddess.

Jeril Battlebronze: Coordinator of the Jarrika complex. Wears a brown leather waistcoat over a checked shirt, black trousers and boots. He has small brass spectacles and a white beard.

Caleb Ironknocker: A dwarf engineer at the Jarrika complex who reforged the pieces of the incomplete Verserk for Futch.

Overseer Ferox: Coordinator of Facility 3. A tiefling, he is tall, large horns extending from his forehead and sweeping directly upwards, rather than curling; between them his brown hair falls nearly to his waist. His eyes are blood-red and pupil-less. He is dressed in a long leather jacket covered in a variety of pockets, a spotlessly white shirt and brown trousers. A pair of smoked-glass goggles hang around his neck.


Major SIC sites include Fjornik, where it is headquartered, Facility 3, and Firestorm Forge. There are smaller offices spread through all of Ehrian.

Relationship with the Church of the One Tree[]

While not overtly violent, the relationship between the SIC and the Church is not good. The SIC views Tree-worship as outmoded and backward, while the Church's view is that the SIC is using up valuable resources. Matters are not helped by the Growth Movement, a rogue sect of Church worshippers who believe that only complete subservience to nature will suffice. They actively seek out and destroy SIC work.