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This page relates to the D&D Game, which is titled The Root of All Evil.

Edition and History[]

Steve's D&D game (and all one-shots that have been played since) have used the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. When Steve originally started to DM, a very old box-set was used and the rules for 4th Edition were introduced gradually to Chippy and Sue in a series of four short adventures. It wasn't until moving house that Steve decided to set up a campaign, involving John and Nana . Next to join were Chris and Phil playing via Skype , while Nana bowed out after the first chapter.

Technical Details[]

Steve, Sue and Chippy live together; traditionally John travels to their house, although occasionally the game has been run from his flat. Chris and Phil use a Skype or Google Hangouts setup to play remotely. While ensuring that they can be seen via their cameras, any play areas or battle grids are dealt with through Roll20 , which is a virtual tabletop system.