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Oakedge is a small town in south-western Lyria. It borders with a forest, from which it receives most of its income and trade as well as its name.

George Prime and Futch[]

For several months, George Prime lived and operated out of a small cabin in the woods near Oakedge. There, he trained Futch out of the ways of dragon-riding and into Druidic powers, as well as instructing him in blunt-weapon mastery.

Eventually, George left to pursue leads in the Dragonflight Union and Futch was left alone.

After a supply run to the town, Futch came back to find the cabin being robbed by goblins, who had stolen the small chest with the fragments of Verserk inside. He gave chase and came across a newly-fallen Ostardva (a dragonborn) and the wandering adventuring pair Rabbit (a half-elf) and Gazebo (a dwarf). They tracked the goblins to a nearby cave where they were defeated. However, before they could return with the fragments of Verserk, Nynga Murdergrave trapped them in the cave and bargained for the pieces. Forced into combat, the heroes fought. Faced with overwhelming odds, Futch emptied the fragments of Verserk out and replaced them with stones; giving this to Nynga gave them the time they needed to escape, and the four went their separate ways.

Death of the One Tree[]

The town suffered a loss some weeks later as the main party passed through. When Toofi, Whisp and Kali arrived there were several unusual things going on; the populace were showing signs of having fought or sustained injury, but didn't appear unduly worried about this. The village itself was heavily damaged and the villagers were spending a lot of time repairing their houses. The adventurers stayed in town overnight and bore witness to a midnight service at the Church of the One Tree. There, Father Liam was encouraging the townsfolk to give blood and, in return, receive fruit which grew from the Tree. Eating this fruit sent the villagers into a crazed bloodlust. The party chased Father Liam down into a cavern below the Tree where he revealed himself to be a dryad. On his death, the villagers were released.

However, the death of the dryad also impacted on the Tree in Oakedge, appearing to kill it. The townsfolk began to make preparations to leave and move to other towns.

Immediately after this, while consulting with the mayor, the party expanded to include Ostardva and Futch.