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Maran is an elven druid from the Greenwood in Zar. She is the granddaughter of First Bow Feren of the Greenwood elves.


Maran is young, even for an elf, and short with it. She has long blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She generally wears a green tunic cinched at the waist which ends at about mid-thigh, over which she wears a grey travelling cloak. The cloak has a stony pattern to it, aiding in camouflage, and it is held together by a silver brooch shaped like a kestrel's head.

Maran has the ability to call animals to her and generally fights with either a dagger or with her animals. 

Maran is fascinated with Futch in a druidic sense as he represents everything she wants to be.

Interactions with the party[]

Maran met the party when they were in the Greenwood. She trained with Futch during their time there, then left with the party to travel with them for a while.