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Welcome to the The One Tree Wiki[]

The world of The One Tree is both the setting for the novel Poisonroot by Steve Cook and an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game. This wiki is a resource for both the author/DM and the players in the game, fully editable by all.

The Root of All Evil[]

At the same time as writing a novel, Steve is the Dungeon Master for a game set in the same realm. The story has almost nothing in common with the novel because the main bulk of the story is provided by the players. Therefore there is little chance of spoilers for those playing the game in reading the pages about the book, and vice versa.

Some pages are specific to the novel only and are labeled as such. Otherwise, pages are assumed to be about the game.

Some helpful pages for the game:


List of characters

List of artefacts


A novel by Steve Cook, Poisonroot is set on the continent of Ehrian and takes place in a similar fashion to the D&D game currently being played. It revolves around the adventures of a young boy named Trip and his companion Victor as they try to prevent nothing less than the end of all life on the continent. It shares many themes and places with the game being played in the same world, though without the D&D-specific ideas such as the pantheon of gods, magic, non-human species etc. Steve's writing is available at his blog.