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Kali 'The Foeslinger' Kobasen (Picture by Susan Cook)

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Kali 'The Foeslinger' Kobasen is a character from the game .


Kali is a Goliath Fighter specialising in two-handed axes. She is exceptionally tall with heavily-tattooed grey-blue skin. As she is still quite young, she doesn't have the stony growths that some Goliaths possess. She currently wears chainmail armour and a blood-red cloak given to her by the dwarves of the SIC in Jarrika. Kali's crowning glory is a white feathered headdress. Each feather represents a dangerous wild animal killed or a battle won. The feathers were presented to her by the various clans of the Goliaths.


Since the start of her adventure, Kali has had to deal with many strange and challenging situations. Luckily, she has found a new clan in the form of her fellow adventurers, Three Miles High. Kali understands how, in order to survive, you need to surround yourself with people you can trust, even if that means you have to turn a blind eye to their past deeds.

That said, Kali has never been one to run from a fight, sometimes deliberately inviting aggression from others, seeking to test her prowess, training and skills against the world around her. Put plainly, Kali loves a good fight, no matter the odds.

In her downtime between adventures Kali can usually be found practicing her swings or meditating. Catch her on her own and one may notice a slightly sad look to Kali; in her darker moments she feels like she is carrying the weight and all the responsibility of her missing family members. She struggles to hide this fact from the rest of the party.

With the Party[]

Kali has been with the party since it was formed in South Porton. She has been taking part in the mission to prevent Father Hork, and more recently Orcus, from destroying parts of the One Tree. She has also been investigating the abduction of her family, following leads which have lead her to Ehrian. So far she has rescued her niece Summerchild from the laboratory of Professor Ingris Verstadt, her cousin The Eagle That Wept from the One Tree under Fennica and her Aunt Quietmoon from Fjornik after she was brought back from the caves under the One Tree.

When it comes to her party members, Kali has begun to foster deep bonds with some while keeping others at a reasonable distance. She feels very protective of Toofi and trusts her. She doesn't fully trust Whisp because she mainly does things for selfish reasons which goes against Kali's clan morality. That being said, Kali would always rush to Whisp's defence because the ties of clanship run deeper than friendship. She doesn't trust Futch, because a lot of his past was kept from the party until they reached Fjornik. However, she feels very close to Ostardva and values his 'good-deed' outlook on the world.