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High Mother Jandra Farr of the church of Pelor is a character in the game.

Physical Description[]

High Mother Farr is an older woman with several younger evangelistic sisters of Pelor in her charge. Approximately fifty, she has grey hair done up in a tight bun, and wears a long white robe with a yellow tabard. The tabard has a sun picked out in golden embroidery.

She is an ascerbic woman, patient with those in her care but not suffering fools gladly.

Interactions with the party[]

When the destruction of Fjornik forced refugees into Varikause, the High Mother lead her priests and evangelists there. She set up on the edge of town with a marquee for shelter. There, she encountered the party as they tried to leave town, minus Kali, who had gone to meet with Lady Caern. High Mother Farr was initially extremely negative towards the party, who she perceived as passing up helping people on a street level in exchange for grander, riskier propositions. She did, however, agree to look after Lyra and aid her recovery.