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Fjornik is the capital city of Zar. It is the northernmost settlement in Zar.

Physical Description[]

Passing over snowy plains and mountains brings the Cloud Goddess to the proud city of Fjornik. Originally a stone castle built for the liege lord, it has become a technological marvel of stone and brass, rising up into the sky like a spire. It is the tallest construction in all of Ehrian and it is famed far and wide.

The main structure of Fjornik is a tall tower, circular at the base and with several bridges and piers coming off at all levels. Nestled between mountain, some of the bridges connect to various parts of the mountains on every side, while others connect to other constructs or satellites around the main tower. The closer the airship comes, the more obvious how vast this construct is; the main tower alone must be over a hundred floors, and wider round than many large towns.

Around the base of the tower, several buildings hug close to it forming a sort of shanty town. The buildings, however, are made of stone to protect them from the elements. A brisk snowstorm is battering everything with shards of ice at the moment and people, as tiny as ants, can be seen scurrying to the left and right.

Partial Destruction[]

When the Cult of Orcus took control of the power of the One Tree north of Fjornik, they built a large statue designed to hold the essence of Orcus. Due to the efforts of the party, this plan was not followed through; however, the statue went berserk without a controlling essence and was able to destroy the top half of Fjornik by bombardment with boulders, and cause untold destruction to buildings remaining within the city.


The city of Fjornik is ruled by King Iknis Thunderheart who receives counsel from his inner circle of advisors. Master Phyraxis is one of these councillors. See The King's Council.


Currently-known levels of Fjornik include:

  • 100th level - The top of the tower, essentially a penthouse, is the enormous Arena, managed by Berek Bloodtooth.
  • The mid-70s - Potentially the home of a violent serial killer. Details remain scarce.
  • 50th level - The City Guard Headquarters (including a small jail)
  • 6th level - Among other things, contains a small residence belonging to Master Phyraxis. He billeted the party there for a short while when they arrived in Fjornik. The 6th level also contains a small shopping district featuring, among others, Relata's Scribery.
  • 5th level - Beginning of the King's Chambers. Levels 1-5 contain the king's offices, staff, residences for them all and facilities of an extremely high-security nature.
  • 1st level - King's Council chambers