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Facility 3 is part of the SIC. It is based on a small island off the north-east coast of Zar.


When the party visited Facility 3 before the fall of Fjornik, it was a bustling hive of research. Situated above a natural arcane phemonena known as the Umberforge Gate, the Facility was mostly below ground. The above-ground sections were disguised as a burned-out laboratory, hiding its true purpose.

Below ground, the Facility was sleek. White corridors, rooms full of equipment and an efficient communication system made possible by enchanted mirrors were the order of the day.

At the bottom of the Facility was an entrance to the Fire Hold, an ancient building linked intrinsically to the One Tree.

The Facility was eventually over-run by an intruder from the Lower Planes, a beholder. He sent out a psychic shockwave that killed many in the complex, and only a timely intervention by the party stopped him. Furthermore, the Fire Hold was revealed to be the holding cell for a Fire Giant Princess, though whether she was held there by the Beholder or by the SIC remains to be seen.

Retrieving the Heart of Sis-Kath[]

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