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Arkan Raith is a Shadar-kai and a paladin of the Raven Queen. He joined the party at Facility 3.


Raith is taller and thinner than a human, long-necked with greyish skin. His eyes are pupil-less and a glistening black. He has a pair of katar at his belt, each one a single jagged dagger emerging from a black-metal handgrip. He dresses in black chainmail armour over a padded black jerkin, black trousers and boots. A tattoo of a raven, beak partly open, frames his right eye, while his left arm is bare, revealing an intricate ivy-leaf scarification.

When last seen, he was aiding in the defense of Ortmund when the Raven Queen was sealed. He suffered a severe injury but was able to regain consciousness. After resting, he returned to Fjornik.